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How to Be Your Artist's #1 Fan!

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

You're picking up your young artist after an afternoon at the art studio and they are itching to share their latest creation with you. You may not know anything about art, but you can easily be the best supporter of their work and sound like an expert while doing it.

What does my artist need to hear when they show me their work?

There's so much pressure on you in this moment. What is it? How am I supposed to tell if it is good or not?

The answer is, those things don't really matter. Your artist has been through a lot to bring this beautiful work of art into the world and you can celebrate that! So even if you're not quite sure what you are looking at, "it's beautiful!" and "I love it!"

Ask any professional artist and they will tell you they had to make a lot of art they didn't like to learn how to make art they do. Each work of art is an opportunity to learn, and even if we might not be framing everything that comes home with them, we need to take a moment to celebrate what they learned with that piece.

But I want to be able to nurture their growth, how can I contribute more to their learning?