I'm Kate

I'm an entrepreneur and have been a professional oil painter since 2011.

My paintings capture special moments with vibrant color and expressive brush marks. My art is for your home, your office, and the space you enjoy spending your time. I work with first time art collectors and families that have been collecting for years. I have paintings featured in homes across the United States and Europe.  


 I began my journey as an artist when I was young. My mom encouraged me to pursue my passion and provided me with everything I needed to hone my skills. My mom was, and still is, my #1 fan. 

After receiving my BFA in Painting, I landed in Charlotte, where I met my business partner, Holt Cleaver. At the time, I was lost as an artist. With no assignments, prompts, or deadlines I was left to fend for myself as an artist. The realization that I knew very well how to paint, but not how to be a professional artist caused me to lose confidence in myself. I painted here and there, but I was suffering from an identity crisis. I channeled my energy into Holt School of Fine Art and found that educating others on how to make art was incredibly fulfilling. 

I was surrounded by growth and still figuring out how to do it myself. I needed to paint and it didn't matter what I was painting, as long as I was creating. I found myself getting inspired by my students, painting colorful pets and searching to be more expressive. I took classes (I LOVE classes) from different artists, on different subjects, and learning different styles. I was finding my passion again, and I felt like I was finally doing something.

And then I became a mom

When Charlie began to develop a personality, walk, make friends, and I watched him start to learn and grow, I wanted to paint these little moments with him. I painted him running, hugging his best friend, and picking pumpkins. I felt so connected to what I was doing and began capture moments for others. I connected to them through their stories about their spouses, children, parents, and pets. I have laughed and cried and empathized with people while creating paintings of their lives.  

Though it took some time for me to grow into the artist I am now, I feel so much more connected. I find joy in painting the flowers Charlie and Nick brought me, or an apple I bought because it was green and tart and exactly what Charlie likes. I love being able to bring the same feeling of connection into the lives and homes of others through my art.


Welcome to my studio!


If you've been following along with me you know I recently relocated to my home studio!


I was a resident artist at the Dilworth Artisan Station in Charlotte, NC and you can still find me there for art openings.

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In addition to painting, I am also Co-Owner at Holt School of Fine Art with Holt Cleaver where we teach art lessons to adults, teens, and children.