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Good Habits for Young Artists to Practice at Home

"What can we do at home to continuing practicing art?" Not only am I going to give you an easy answer, I'm going to tell you the #1 habit artists either have or wish they had!

I co-own a fine art studio and we get this question a lot. A piano teacher would tell you to practice the songs they are learning every day. A soccer coach would say to run, exercise, or practice dribbling the ball.

While you may be willing to park a piano in your living room and stock the garage with sporting equipment, you may not be ready to set up a painting studio in your house. I have great news for you: You don't have to!

When it comes to making art there is a standard hierarchy of skills you want to place importance on:

#1 - Drawing Accuracy

#2 - Tones/Values

#3 - Color