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Custom Paintings

We have all been there: that moment when you feel like you're having the best day ever. It can be fleeting, but so memorable, and you wish that you could stop time and stay in that moment, to savor it and revisit it. A photo can be forgotten, lost in the archives, but take that snapshot and give it life in the form of a painting and it will become a treasured keepsake.


When you commission a painting, we are working together to create a stamp in time. The moment will live on, frozen in a beautiful painting that will remind you of how you felt during that phase of your life.

"Oh my heart to see my two babies' personalities shine so much on canvas! Thank you, thank you Kate."

- Lindsay P. 

painting of child on the beach, girl dancing on the beach, flowing white beach dress for children

"Kate knocked it out of the park with my painting! I highly recommend her! Communication was wonderful and she is so truly talented. First present that rendered my husband speechless."

-Scoti T.

dog painting, dog artist, painting for friend who lost pet

Many families come to me with a photo that they love, but maybe was taken in poor lighting, turned out blurry, or was subject to some other unfortunate circumstance. I am able to take their photo and capture the beauty of the moment while making the image just as beautiful with paint. 

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Make memories with family and friends


Share your photo of a special moment with me


Find the perfect spot for your custom painting



How do you choose a photo for a custom painting?

I love to work with unplanned, candid photos. Images that tell a story make for the best paintings, whether it be a child running on the beach, a dad hoisting their child onto their shoulders, or a marriage proposal in a special place.

"I have never commissioned a painting before. How does it work?"

The Initial Consult

 When you contact me to discuss your custom painting(s) you will need a photo or several photos in mind. I can help you decide on a picture if you're not sure what to choose. Additional photos are often needed in order to capture the personality of the people or animals in the photo. 

After finalizing details about how the final painting will look, an estimated completion date will be set. A painting can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks from the date of deposit.

A consult can be done via email, Instagram DMs, phone call, or Zoom. Let me know what your communication preferences are!

have picture of my children painted

The Details

If you would like the colors in the painting to lean in any direction please let me know during the initial consult.

I typically work in three sizes, but if you would like to request a different size I can try to accommodate your needs.

A 50% deposit is due after the initial consult and the balance will be due once the painting is completed. A photo of the painting will always be sent for approval before you are asked to pay the balance. 

Pro Tips

If you like any of my previous paintings please let me know! Whether it is the color or style, it will help me cater to your tastes. 

It's great to be specific in regards to what and who is included in the painting (for example if you really need that bird feeder on the tree!). When it comes to color, I find the best results come from what happens naturally when I put the brush to canvas. Some great ways to make color requests are to ask for a "lighter" "more colorful" "muted" or "more blue/green/etc" painting.

unique gift for grandma, gift for grandparent who has everything, painting for grandma

"I can't recommend Kate enough! This is our most prized piece of art! She captured our oldest beautifully and I'll be back for a commission of my baby when she is a bit older!"

Lauren H.

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