Custom Paintings

We have all been there: that moment when you feel like you're having the best day ever. It can be fleeting, but so memorable, and you wish that you could stop time and stay in that moment, to savor it and revisit it. A photo can be forgotten, lost in the archives, but take that snapshot and give it life in the form of a painting and it will become a treasured keepsake.


When you commission a painting, we are working together to create a stamp in time. The moment will live on, frozen in a beautiful painting that will remind you of how you felt during that phase of your life.

"Oh my heart to see my two babies' personalities shine so much on canvas! Thank you, thank you Kate."

- Lindsay P. 

painting of child on the beach, girl dancing on the beach, flowing white beach dress for children

"Kate knocked it out of the park with my painting! I highly recommend her! Communication was wonderful and she is so truly talented. First present that rendered my husband speechless."

-Scoti T.

dog painting, dog artist, painting for friend who lost pet

Many families come to me with a photo that they love, but maybe was taken in poor lighting, turned out blurry, or was subject to some other unfortunate circumstance. I am able to take their photo and capture the beauty of the moment while making the image just as beautiful with paint.