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"Capturing moments with light and energetic impressionistic style paintings."





coming March 8th

This collection stemmed from my desire to experiment and grow in my personal work. My goal as I entered 2021 was to play with bold marks, splatter, line, and thick application of paint in my work. I found this collection exciting as it grew. With these goals I played with my canvas size and this collection features both large and small works.

wandering garden


My inspiration for this collection came from my husband, who even after seven years of marriage still surprises me with flowers. While creating this collection I always painted from real flowers, whether they were from him, a friend, or a neighbor. Many of these flowers sat in my studio for days or weeks while I painted, a welcome inspiration.

painting of dog, in memory of dog, fur baby

Custom PAintings

One of a kind, original works of art,

created just for you.

You can commission a custom family and lifestyle oil painting to be painted by me. Your image can be of a family, children, grandchildren, a family pet, or more. My paintings capture and celebrate the beauty of a moment. If you would like your own custom painting, please visit my custom paintings page.

painting of children on the beach, paint my photo

Now booking Live Wedding Painting events for 2021!

modern wedding live wedding painter, gift for couples getting married, elegant wedding

I am a painter, an entrepreneur, and a mother to a sweet three year old boy. I split my days between painting, running two fine art studios, and building castles with blocks. 

I like to say I create Family and Lifestyle oil paintings. My art is about capturing beautiful moments and connections between people and things in our daily lives. I hope you'll find a connection to your own special piece here, and add an original work of art to your home.