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Fine Art oil paintings for home collections

The Floral Collection

My inspiration for this collection came from my husband, who even after seven years of marriage still surprises me with flowers. While creating this collection I always painted from real flowers, whether they were from him,

a friend, or a neighbor. Many of these flowers sat in my studio for days or weeks while I painted, a welcome inspiration.

The Kitchen Collection

 The bright green of an avocado or the shine on a lemon. This collection of still life paintings highlight the beauty of everyday items found in the kitchen. There is comfort in these objects, and often, joy found in their familiarity and that same feeling can be found in these paintings.

I offer custom family and lifestyle oil paintings. Your image can be of a family, children, grandchildren, family pet, or more. My paintings capture a moment in time and celebrate that moment for years after. If you would like your own custom painting, please visit my custom paintings page.


Custom Paintings

Greeting Cards

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