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live wedding paintings and original art for home collections
"Capturing live events, beautiful family moments, and memories with light and energetic impressionistic style paintings."

Resplendant Joan - oil on canvas, 20x30, 2021.jpg

Original Art

Colorful and romantic bouquets with vibrant color and exciting brush marks.


Live Event Painting

A wedding must have! Capture your special moment with a live painting experience. 


Hey, I'm Kate!

I am a painter, an entrepreneur, and a mother to a sweet four-year-old boy. I split my days between painting, running two fine art studios, and building castles with blocks while living in Charlotte, NC. 

I create contemporary, impressionistic live wedding paintings. My art is about capturing beautiful moments and connections between people. I hope you'll find a connection to your own special piece with me, and add an original work of art to your home. 

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Want more? Visit my originals collections to learn more about me and my process 


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