Custom paintings are one of a kind and can capture a

special moment to be remembered forever. Candid photos make for the best paintings, whether it be a child running on the beach, cousins with arms around each other or family walking down a path. If you would like to commission your own original work of art please contact me for more information.

Currently booked through December 2020.

Commissions will reopen in January 2021. Subscribe to my newsletter to be notified of future openings.

"Oh my heart to see my two babies' personalities shine so much on canvas! Thank you, thank you Kate." - Lindsay P.

"Kate knocked it out of the park with my painting! I highly recommend her! Communication was wonderful and she is so truly talented. First present that rendered my husband speechless." -Scoti T.

Sun Kissed


Father's Day

Big Sister


Free Spirited


Running Ahead

The Carousel Line

Sammy and Daisy


The Accomplices

The Carousel Line